Jeans without secrets. Find your design!

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Jeans without secrets. Find your design!

January 27, 2016 — by 0


Straight or slim? Wide or narrow? Universal and timeless or the modern ones?

Don’t rack your brain over it. Check which cut and style of jeans is the best for you!

Some time ago you could read about the history of jeans on our blog. You found there how these cool pants revolutionized the world of fashion. Today we are writing about the practical issue. Despite the fact that jeans go in various cuts and models, it’s good to get to know the most popular ones, which don’t go out of fashion, the ones that you go back to. If selecting the proper cut causes you trouble – this article is just for you!

To understand this topic, you need to know one thing. We divide jeans by the means of the cut and trouser legs. The cuts go with different legs. To be honest, there aren’t a lot of options, especially when we have standard types, such as regular straight or slim tapered. The following trendy ones are the variations of the previous ones for the upcoming seasons.

There are three basic types:


pol_pl_Spodnie-meskie-jeansy-DENIM-REPUBLIC-4725-9339-granatowe-36452_1SLIM / SLIM FIT – the most popular. Narrower and well-fitted on the entire length. Such a pair works well with a suit jacket or a shirt. You can also match it with a loose top (jumpers or coats).

Contrary to what it may seem, this model is not dedicated to slim people. If you have a couple of kilos more, you can also put them on, in your size of course. Slim fit jeans visually slender the body. Thin guys should pay attention to their use because they may seem a little bit too stretched. The loose top will do the trick. Men with well-built thighs should avoid this cut. The slim fit is chosen mostly by the younger generation but adult men also like to wear them from time to time. The type – extreme (skinny) is for very slim people.

pol_pl_Spodnie-meskie-jeansy-DENIM-REPUBLIC-4702-9248-1-granatowe-36463_4REGULAR – a universal model. It has a simple, straight and classic cut.

This pair is perfect for every day and for leisure time – appreciated mostly by confident men over 30 and older.

The regular type is best for slim people who have a medium-built body but it’s acceptable to treat it as universal. The ones with straight legs are very comfortable to men with slim thighs and a big belly. They go well both with a suit jacket and a basic T-shirt or a jumper.


pol_pl_Spodnie-meskie-jeansy-DENIM-REPUBLIC-4735-9533-niebieskie-36457_1LOOSE / RELAXED – wider trousers, often conical. More loose in crotch and thighs.

Just like in other types, their look and functionality depends on the type of the legs.

The loose type of jeans doesn’t look really good. They don’t fit bigger men with large legs and torso. Try to go with the narrow leg that goes narrower to the bottom (the picture on the left). Such a pair visually reduces the thighs.



The above cuts correspond to different kind of legs. We can present their basic cuts:


  • Tapered / narrow – conical. They are more loose on the thighs – go narrow to the bottom. Slim tapered jeans are perfect for slim people, however, they don’t suit guys with crooked legs. Sorry.  Well-built men wear loose tapered.
  • Straight – this type is characterized by the straight legs. If you want to obtain a smarter look, match the elegant top and choose such a model.
  • Bootcut – they go a bit wider from the knees to the bottom covering the high winter boots. They successfully reduce big thighs in connection with the loose cut. It’s also a good choice for men with a big belly but slim thighs.
  • Flare – obviously wider at the bottom. Just like bootcut, they are rather unpopular nowadays but can come back to fashion from time to time.

Everyone knows that there are a lot of models of jeans and the lately most popular variation in terms of cuts and legs are baggy and jooger. Both blew up the fashion world, you can’t miss them.

Baggy has lowered crotch and they go narrower to the bottom. In turn, the popular joggers are quite loose with ribbed legs. Both look great in denim version.











I hope that all doubts concerning the jeans selection are now clear. It’s worth to add that the men’s wardrobe should contain more than one type of jeans.

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