11 Types of women desired by men!

August 24, 2016 — by 0



11 Types of women desired by men!

August 24, 2016 — by 0


Do you know the movie 'One Night at McCool's'? Obviously, it's not about what, but who is the main point of interest of men. For women they can do absolutely everything. Sure... men also want to pursue freedom, rivalry, adrenaline and many other things, but above all – they look for love! Who do men fall in love head over heels with?

Get to know 11 types of women desired by men!

1. Nymphos!

They are subtle, sensitive, delicate women who sometimes need help, a man’s shoulder to cry on and his support – a Superman! Briefly speaking, a guy likes to feel needed. Even if you’re resourceful and you can do a certain thing on your own, let your man drive a nail for a framed picture of you two. Then let him make tea and take care of you when you injur your leg. A man always looks for an opportunity to impress with his strength and protectiveness, but not just like that! For his virtues, he wants to be looked up to and appreciated!

2. Mysterious temptress!

Such a woman never reveals her whole self because they want being discovered and their heart won over and over again. You can be a loving material worth weight in gold. Be a mystery!

3. ‘Hehe Girls’

Men adore funny and happy women who also have a sense of humour. But you have to be careful with all these positive features – a girl has to be responsible and has a proper approach to certain things. It will surely be well-accepted.

4. Hot chicks!

You know! Attractive girls who emanate with sex appeal are HOT! It’s all about if two people appeal to each other and if there’s chemistry between them.

5. Demanding ladies

Guys don’t like stamping and sulking, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t satisfy the cravings of their princesses! They do it and do it with wild pleasure. However, if you have an index finger and you are able to say ‘Nah Ah!’ don’t hesitate and hush him once in a while.

6. Active enthusiasts!

They have their passions, participate in various projects, do sports and have hobbies. Such women are far more interesting for men than those who just like to watch their 8 o’clock TV show every day.

7. Deep love!

Self-confident women with character. Girl! Don’t complain and don’t drill a hole in the stomach! Know your value and don’t ask all the time if you look good or if you’re fat! For your man you’re always beautiful as long as you know it yourself and you feel like it. With or without a make-up, in tight-fitting trousers or in pyjamas. Mood swings, lack of faith in your powers and in your goals don’t coax the cupid with his love arrows because… his hands may shiver. Guys love women who keep their feet on the ground.

8. Spontaneous girls!

They are spontaneous and a bit crazy who don’t stick to rules. A man can be sure that with such a girl he will never get bored!

9. Caring Sweetie!

Everybody knows that when a guy has a cold, he’s almost on the brink of life and death. And this is how it is – he needs care. Of course it’s only tongue-in-cheek. In general, a man is also a human being. Therefore, he expects support and acceptance from his other half. In a relationship he looks for partnership and assurance of reliability. Even if he suffers only from a cold.

shutterstock_40022279510. A highbrow!

Maybe the title is too strong, but it’s worth to notice that intelligence is a strongly desired feature of a perfect woman! If there was a rank about the most desirable quality, this point would be number 1! Intelligence and education are invaluable and the majority of men put them above physical attraction.

11. BFFs!

This term speaks for itself and further description is unnecessary. Men want from their partners faithfulness without compromises, as well as tolerant friendship, trust and support.


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