Buying a suit jacket? Get to know 5 simple tricks!

October 21, 2015 — by 0



Buying a suit jacket? Get to know 5 simple tricks!

October 21, 2015 — by 0


Do you want to highlight your best features, underline the masculinity and at the same time not look like a jerk?

Take this advice to heart! Get familiar with the following five clever tips, thanks to which you will choose the perfect size of a jacket!

Trick #1. Soldier, attention!

Shoulder against the wallRys.1! This trick helps you to avoid buying a too large suit jacket.

Put on a jacket or a suit jacket. Stand back to the wall and then move slowly towards it, as if you wanted to lean against the wall. If the jacket’s shoulder touches the wall first it means that it’s too large.

Trick #2. Macho! Care about your woman.

Rys.2Let your chest feel comfortable! Be careful not to tear it apart!

Put on a shirt and a suit jacket and pretend that you’re hugging somebody or just hug some beautiful women. If you feel that your styling is about to rip apart or simply hear that something ‘screeches’ – try another, larger size. You know what I mean…

Trick #3. Build up a house, plant a tree – but first, grab a wheelbarrow.

Rys.3This trick provides you with knowledge about what length is the best.

To get a well-fitted suit jacket – you need to put it on and let your arms loose. Roll up your fingers as if you want to catch the wheelbarrow’s handles. The jacket should end between the hand and fingers. If you see that the fabric creases – the jacket is too long. Similarly, if you don’t reach it – it’s too short.

Trick #4. Insert fingers into…a collar. Relax, it checks if you can still breathe.

Rys.4While choosing the collar size, you need to remember that it can be neither too large nor too small. Some people claim that you should have a gap for one fingwe while others that it should have a two-finger gap. Button the shirt up and test it whether you feel comfortable.


Trick #5. Gentleman who saves European squirrels. The handshake test.

Rys.5Do a handshake test.

Pull the hand out as if you want to sincerely welcome someone. If you notice fold in the armpit, as a flying squirrel has, this jacket is not for you. Change it for a better model and give a donation to WWF.



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