Sneakerhead! Are you the one?

August 30, 2016 — by 0



Sneakerhead! Are you the one?

August 30, 2016 — by 0


Who is a sneakerhead? The fan of sneaker shoes? Yes, but not only!

Sneakerhead is a person who collects shoes and treats it as a really important hobby. He or she is a bit freaky when it comes to shoes. A real fashion fan has enormous knowledge about sport shoes and has at least a few pairs of extraordinary shoes from limited collections in his wardrobe.

Outfit –

Every sneakerhead understands that sneakers, also known under the names due to their function – kicks, plimsolls, trainers, joggers or runners, have got a fascinating history!

„Sneakerhead” trend was born on the streets and was quickly popularized across the world. We believe that the birth of this subculture relates to Michael Jordan’s first shoe line Air Jordan by Nike from 1985. A trend for sneakers was picked up by hip-hop artists. In rap culture, shoes were describing the social/financial status of the people that were proud because of having them. In 1986, the legendary Run DMC even recorded a track ‘My Adidas’ (possible product placement), which glorified this kind of shoes.

Due to that track, which was a link between fashion and music, the status of sneakers got even more popular and became an irreplaceable element of urban outfits. It’s also worth mentioning that you can observe the „sneakerhead” culture within rhythms of rap and hip hop music. Just play the Tupac „California Love”, Notorious B.I.G. „Suicidal Thoughts” or Kanye West „Run This Town”. Listen carefully and feel the surprise.

In Europe, the fashion for being a sneakerhead is the idea of the last decade. From time to time different places in the world hold conventions, meet-ups and other events for sneakerheads. You can meet there trendsetters, see unique models of legendary shoes and meet with other positive freaks who share this peculiar passion.

Sneakers are comfy and have in mind needs of individualists. Their most important feature is, above all, the functionality. Each shoe (plimsolls, runners etc.) looks like it because its design has a specific purpose. Sneakerhead subculture is much about the high-top shoes (high upper covering the ankle) but also streetwear clothing. The characteristic elements of the sneakerhead’s outfit are slim fit denim jeans, caps, printed T-shirts but also tracksuits or checked shirts. Sneakers fit the best with urban style.

Do you collect trainers? Have you got enormous knowledge about urban style footwear? Do you demand the functionality from your sneakers? Are you waiting impatiently for the shoes from upcoming collections? If you answered positively to all of these questions, you can surely call yourself a sneakerhead.

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