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This autumn can make life miserable to all people who need more warmth. But, there are days that can surprise you positively by sunny and lovely weather. If it happens, reach for comfy and trendy casual shoes – sneakers. How to match them to get a fancy look? You will find all answers in our article.

Shine brightly like a diamond. Sneakers in glamour style.

Every girl, even sportswomen, dream about feeling sexy and feminine. Glamour style shoes are a perfect compromise between sporty comfort and sublime look. In this style you find both models with a tiny side lace and also black sneakers with golden stripes. The large variety of patterns, designs and colours let you experiment with fashion and create own unique stylings.

Black sneakers /

Flat or high heels – what is worth having in a wardrobe?

There are models among the sneakers world that we consider as classic ones. The most desired are surely black on flat heel with inserts. They are both trendy and comfortable and their versatile colour makes them fit almost to everything. Black ones are the absolute must-haves this autumn! They are one of the most popular men’s footwear.

The most trendy sneakers of 2016

In the group of the season must-haves, there are mostly sneakers of well-known and respected brands. Youngsters decide on models such as Adidas Attitude or Adidas Advantage Clean without hesistation. Nike Dunk Sky that hit the streets last season also enjoys big popularity. Thanks to use of a pristine white colour and the same stitchings it presents amazingly with, e.g. light blue regular or black skinny jeans.

Everyone who likes to shine should see Bolf 701. Sneakers of this type can be worn with sporty and casual stylings and surely their redness will vivid every look. Remember, the whole outfit fashionably balances only when shoes aren’t the only red element of a styling.
Another hot idea are white sneakers matched with a shirt-cut dress . In such a styling, choose a bit more formal sneakers. Grain leather sneakers by R.Polański are a really fancy-looking proposition. Soft details and the high-quality of manufacturing are the main factors that make them fit and look amazing in casual stylings to work or school.

How to wear them? Facts and myths.

It’s high time to take care of myths about sneakers. It’s summarized in one sentence: “sneakers don’t fit elegant stylings”. Unlimited stylings with such shoes prove it to be wrong. An example might be pink powder ones. How to match them? Feel free to wear these shoes and create style with a salmon blouse and black or white trousers. The entire look can be enriched by accessories like a neckerchief or a bag in the same colour but a different shade.

Modern fashion doesn’t limit you much. Experimenting with style is highly desired and skillfully matched elements, which previously didn’t seem interesting, look decent and provide you with a fancy style. For example, at first, white sneakers don’t fit a long autumn coat. However, facts are different. Practice proves that matching them with a woollen overcoat can be an interesting choice. In this case, safe solution is matching them with a white blouse, trousers and snow-white sneakers. Autumn outfits can be complemented by a long carmine coat. Such an outfit looks fresh and intense, contrarily to the dull and sad autumn days.

Top advantages:

  • variety – a large choice of models give the opportunity to create unique stylings;
  • multifunctionality – especially basic colours, fit almost everything;
  • comfort of wearing – the same level of comfort as plimsolls or trainers; in the case of wedge sneakers, the whole is balanced and stabilised by a front platform;
    A bunch of trendy models are available in online store.

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