Trendy trousers for every occasion

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Trendy trousers for every occasion

February 3, 2017 — by 0


Jeans are the immortal classic that never goes out of fashion. They fit almost everything and look good on every silhouette. Therefore, it's no surprise that they are the most frequently used trousers by men. However, it's sometimes worth to resign from them and experiment with a something completely new. Chinos, baggies, joggers and sweatpants are the latest fashion screamers that may successfully replace jeans.

Every man, regardless if he goes to a shop, for a walk or meets with friends, wants to look trendy and eye-catching and at the same time feel comfortable. All of that can be provided by the four perfect alternatives for jeans. So, how do we characterise men’s trousers and how to wear them?

Trousers type: Chinos

They look like dress trousers but unlike them, they are made of typical casual fabrics, usually cotton. Chinos are easily recognizable by two slanted front pockets, two back ones and straight legs. These classic trousers have a modern cut.
Offered styling: black chinos go well with a black and white striped T-shirt, a white casual suit jacket and black plimsolls. Such combination is less formal but still stylish.

Trousers type: Baggy

Fitted legs and loosely dropped crotch are the characteristic features of these trousers. Due to the cut, they shorten the silhouette and because of that short people should give up on wearing them. Choosing them means paying attention to their size. When they are too short or too large they stop looking easy-going and turn out silly.
Offered styling: marled baggy trousers, a white T-shirt, a light denim shirt and white plimsolls. This is a simple match-up that works perfectly with these men’s trousers.

Trousers type: Joggers

One of the trendiest men’s trousers of the latest seasons – joggers. You can easily recognise them by their ribbed legs and a zip-fastening or a waistband with a drawstring. They often have leather details, glossy elements and brand’s logo, necessarily large and well-exposed.
Offered styling: if you think about going to university or meeting with friends try to match stone washed denim joggers with a trendy patterned T-shirt. This type of men’s trousers perfectly shows off footwear and therefore you should choose them carefully. To complement the styling, choose sneakers.

Trousers type: Sweatpants

Once associated mainly with PE classes and nowadays, more and more often a part of the urban jungle. We no longer identify men’s sweatpants with baggy bags. Now, they are well-fitted, with a slightly dropped crotch cotton trousers that provides comfort.
Offered styling: sweatpants should not be matched with an elegant shirt and a tie. It’s not a part of the garment that you can wear with a formal outfit. It works way better with a T-shirt, a sporty jacket and trainers.
Chinos, baggies, sweatpants and joggers are a trendy offer for unique men’s stylings. They are a great alternative for jeans because they amazingly shape your silhouette. You can find a large selection of such trousers right on the online store

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