Sweating problem. How to keep your feet dry and clean?

June 2, 2017 — by 0



Sweating problem. How to keep your feet dry and clean?

June 2, 2017 — by 0


This problem is the issue of many men and it’s particularly troublesome in summer.

Excessive sweating of feet can be a real pain in the neck of a man. Such feet make life problematic because wet socks or shoes not only annoy but also affect their proper functioning. However, that’s not all. The biggest issue is their horrible smell. If you walk into someone’s home and have your shoes off – just don’t risk doing it.

Not so long ago you could read the article about how to prevent sweating. If not, we recommend reading it. These tips give you more information how to prevent excessive sweating from the whole body. But what about the feet?

This issue is uncomfortable and troublesome because your feet just attract all the bacteria and make you vulnerable to fungal infections. It’s not easy to overcome it without the need of taking specialistic drugs. However, don’t be ashamed of going to a doc – he might help you eliminate your illness and recommend something to prevent it. Of course, it’s only one path, but you may try to get rid of your problem alone. All of them rely on a rule that it’s better to prevent than cure.

7 tips solving the problem!

  1. Try natural methods that will have no harmful side effects to your body. Wash your feet in water of normal temperature with chamomile, black tea, oak bark, baking soda or salvia (be careful, its effects are very strong). You can also wash your socks with the use of salvia and wear them freely.
  2. Soak your feet in coarse sea salt. It heals the skin like sea water. Therefore, use it and take walks alongside the seashore.
  3. Enjoy products for… babies. Baby powder doesn’t only absorb sweat but also neutralises the odour. You can rub it on your feet or pour it into your shoes or socks.
  4. Place a bet on healthy diet. Resign from spicy food and all the stimulants like alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Give up on all products that make you smell like onion or garlic.
  5. Use special cosmetics that are available in drugstores and pharmacies. The special sweat blockers should be used as a regular antiperspirant – on clean and dry skin.
  6. Stick to the hygiene rules. Wash your sweaty feet with antibacterial soap (as often as necessary), care about them (with a pumice and peeling) and change your socks often.
  7. Wear breathable shoes. If you can’t let yourself to have flip-flops or sandals – place a bet on textile and breathable plimsolls. You can create with them not only sports stylings but also casual ones. Remember to wash your shoes regularly.

Mam nadzieję, że powyższe tipy pozwolą Ci skutecznie utrzymać stopy w suchości.


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