First date! How to make a good impression?

December 15, 2015 — by 0



First date! How to make a good impression?

December 15, 2015 — by 0


Let's start from calming you down.

Because you are at the dating stage and it’s not a blind one but the first date, it means that you have made the first impression already!

You have built it for the whole 11 seconds during the first contact with the girl. At that time, you probably occurred to be a trustworthy and friendly person. These two features let her make a subconscious evaluation of you. People say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. Human subconsciousness claims different in this matter…

If you were still in the situation where you wanted to show your best for the first time or on the first date, remember about some fundamental rules. They will help you make a good impression. Success absolutely certain.

Rule 1grazka(4)

Think positively and stay positive. Let the others like you. Optimism is attractive and you can only benefit from it. Moreover, having a sense of humour is one the most desired features of personality of an ideal man. You don’t have to do more than smiling. If you are a melancholic, there’s a long way in front of you. Take a shortcut and use the ‘glass of water trick’. ->

Rule 2

Be interested! Be present in the conversation and an active listener. Show empathy and talk about various topics. Not only the matter of your image requires it but most of all your propriety. Briefly speaking, don’t have your head in the clouds. And if your date is getting you bored to the extend that your not able to keep attention any longer, even your good manners won’t help. Don’t bother yourself. It’s not getting anywhere.

Rule 3

One view is worth a thousand words. One touch is worth a thousand views. It’s not about anything spectacular. But let’s say ‘a coincidental’ hand-to-hand stroke… you know what I mean.

Rule 4

People feel most comfortable when they are among someone who has got something in common. Reveal similarities if you have the chance. Have you also seen that movie? Tell her about it. Maybe it will come out that you have a mutual friend or that you both went to the same places. Everything that puts you on common ground (opinions, hobbies, attitudes) can get you closer to each other. Thanks to these things you may improve the first impression. That’s why the first date is for!

However, you should treat this rule twofold. It is also about similarities in the way of speaking and moving. While sitting at the table vis-a-vis and having an interesting chat you grab a cup of coffee in a similar way… it may be hot 😉

Rule 5

Remember about the body talk. Even if somebody didn’t have the practice of reading it, he or she can receive certian signals subconsciously. You surely won’t make a good impression if you’re going to act uptight or overconfident and dominating.

Rule 6

Show her that you’re the special one (but not bumptious). If you are a sportsman, an expert in some field or you have influence and status, it only works for your benefit. Being exceptional is a desired feature. You grow before her eyes.

Rule 7

Take care of your appearance. Although there’s a saying ‘clothes do not make the man’, the positive impression goes along with an automatic ascription of good features. Handsome, elegant, kempt = intelligent, friendly, sincere.

Are you about to go on the first date? Besides the girl, take the above advice into your heart.

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