How to organise Valentine’s Day?

February 3, 2016 — by 0



How to organise Valentine’s Day?

February 3, 2016 — by 0


Regardless of how often and in what way you celebrate the moments of being together with your woman, you must know one thing!

A fancy dinner on Valentine’s Day, similar to those that you go on at weekends, isn’t enough. This is the day in which heart issues go on a higher level and an unwritten rule applies: it’s got to be special!

You can revolt and go against the trend, don’t participate in this commercialized holiday, manifest and don’t take the pressure. However, don’t believe a woman saying that she doesn’t care about Valentine’s. Remember that when looking at all of these red hearts, girls with roses from mysterious admirers and couples in love holding hands, your woman will also take pleasure if you don’t give this day a miss and come up with something exciting. You’ll see, it’s going to be worth it.

IMG_8852_walentynkiLet’s be honest. Not everyone is born to write romantic scenarios, not mentioning their successful realization. It’s unlikely that a man would come up with an idea to organize a dinner and breakfast in Paris with a balloon flight over the Eiffel tower or that he would plan to propose on the stage during a Sting concert.

I think that your girlfriend/wife/mistress/partner (choose one) has no such requirements towards you as the ones mentioned above. She won’t fly high thanks to a balloon but your interest and efforts. For some women, a dream date would be a dinner in a fancy restaurant, for others, going to the cinema. Some would get happy from hugging a teddy bear, some would like to get a spa voucher. It all depends on the depth of your relationship.

How to anticipate and nail expectations? Read the following advice and use them in your relationship.


If your relationship had started on the spur of the moment, on the last New Year’s Eve, don’t get crazy with expensive gifts. You know each other very short and buying a showy trinket can be embarrasing or overwhelming. Let your date know that you think about her but don’t frighten her away. Place a bet on something classic, funny, but not very intimate to show her that you don’t think only about one thing. Traditional flowers, nicely packed chocolate from the local chocolate shop (forget about a chocolate box from the supermarket bought last minute) and a bottle of wine can be a good idea to highlight Valentine’s Day. A spontaneous trip out of town, spending the evening by the fireplace, a date on the roof with a view – think about what can make her happy!

  • IMG_8849_walentynkiTOGETHER FOR A COUPLE OF MONTHS… to zobowiązuje.

You’ve been together for some time now and you should know a lot about each other. Use this knowledge. Let her know that you pay attention to what she says and to her needs. Buy her a DVD with her favourite movie or a special edition of her favourite book. Maybe buying a sweatshirt that she really liked or preparing a romantic meal will surprise her. Match the Valentine’s gift to what she likes doing. The number of ideas to make this day special is really enormous. All you have to do is think for a while. If you meet at your place, put her toothbrush next to yours in the bathroom. Surprise her!


You know well what makes her happy. Get her a present that she will really like. Now the time for buying posh lingerie is right. It will surely make spending time together more interesting. Take her somewhere for the weekend, go to a good concert or buy a spa package for two. Do something unexpected, which will reveal new emotions in your relationship. You both will benefit from it.

Finally, one last universal piece of advice! Turn every day into a small Valentine’s Day. Your woman needs to feel that she is important and desired by you. Take it to the heart 🙂

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