The devil is in the details – pocket square!

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The devil is in the details – pocket square!

April 1, 2016 — by 0


It's hard to believe that not so long ago you couldn't find them in shops. Today, it's an obligatory accent in elegant fashion gaining popularity among casual style enthusiasts. To clarify, we're talking about a pocket square – a small handkerchief put into the breast pocket (the upper pocket of a suit).

Pocket square – properly folded square handkerchief put into the upper pocket of a men’s suit. It goes perfectly with a formal or a casual outfit making the image look elegant and sophisticated. Currently, the pocket square is experiencing its Renaissance.

Scene from The Great Gatsby. Pocket square at the front.

From ancient civilizations to the red carpet.

The history of the handkerchief reaches back to ancient times. In Egipt 4000 BC, it was an element used during important ceremonies and celebrations in that incredibly developed civilization. Ancient Greeks used to scent it and keep it as long as it was giving a fresh smell. The citizens of ancient Rome also widely used them.
In the 9th century, the members of the Catholic Church wore them on the left shoulder demonstrating their devotion, which created the habit of wearing a handkerchief ‘additionally’. It was also popularized by Richard II – the English monarch. In the following ages, it lost their functionality and stopped being associated only with a hygienic and old-fashioned accessory, it even became the symbol of luxury and elegance.

Kadr z filmu „Skyfall’
Scene from Skyfall

The pocket square had been hidden inside men’s trousers’ pocket for a very long time until the 19th century when it came back to grace together with the introduction of double-breasted suits. The then gentlemen wanted to avoid getting it dirty by coins and that’s why it gained the status of a decorative element.

The best years of the pocket square were in the 1960s to repeatedly fall into oblivion. What’s interesting is the fact that the comebacks happened due to pop culture.
It became really fashionable when American cable television started broadcasting the legendary Mad Men series. At that time, the main characters presented the style fitting into the aesthetics of the epoque that could easily work in real world.
Anyway, many famous fashion designers were inspired by this TV show in creating their collections (this TV show ended a year ago).

Kadr z serialu „Mad Men”
Scene from Mad Men

4 reasons why it’s worth to wear a pocket square.

ca9af44774bb44ac644d5fc42cb7a04b1. Join the club of the most stylish men – real and fiction.

Jay Gatsby, Clark Gable, Daniel Craig as James Bond, Justin Timberlake, Diddy, Robert Downey Jr. These names have one thing in common. It’s the passion to extravagant elegance. All of them like, use and popularize the pocket square as an element of outfits.

2. Secret weapon. Spread the charm.

A knight’s armor, a musketeer’s hat, a troubadour pen. Appreciate and get to like the modern attribute of manhood and self-confidence. Express your fashion choices every day.

3. Express yourself.

In the times of pret-a-porter fashion it’s difficult to find your own style, to stand out from the crowd, to vary the outfits and make them unique. Fortunately, you have a pocket in your suit jacket and a huge offer or pocket squares, thanks to which you can subtly add uniqueness and become respectable.

4. Change the look every day.

Make use of a simple and cheap way to look uniquely. You don’t have to be the owner of a house-size wardrobe to express individual style through an original detail. Just a few or a dozen stylish pocket squares will do. In addition of an impeccable taste, a pinch of extravagancy and creativity you will achieve success.


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