Healthy food!

March 31, 2016 — by 0



Healthy food!

March 31, 2016 — by 0


Do you want to have power? Fill up your body with great fuel. If you're not interested in rigorous diets and want to eat healthy but don't know how to start, read this article and get to know the basics.

Good because healthy. The rules of a healthy diet.

Glass of waterFirst, water. It’s natural, necessary to live and the basic element of the human body – 60%. You constantly need to stay hydrated. It not only detoxifies, but also improves digestion and supports weight loss.

Drink up 2 litres of water a day, it’s approx. a glass per hour. If yo don’t normally remember about it, you can use one of many available apps reminding about drinking water. It really motivates!

Bet on a rich breakfast, full of proteins, fiber, minerals and carbohydrates. It’s the most crucial meal of the day that gives you energy and power to acting. To be healthy and wholesome, this meal should consist of milk, wholegrain bread or cereal, muesli, fat from vegetable oil or nuts, as well as vegetables and fruit.

If you are, like 50% of the society, a person who doesn’t like to eat in the morning or who says that you don’t have time, use a fast and easy solution. Blend all above ingredients and make a cocktail!

Let’s say goodbye to sugar and salt. Say farewell to candy, which are only empty calories converting into fat. If you like sweets, you can go for homemade stuff from dark flour and natural sweeteners. Do you add salt? Try to stop salting all meals, replace it with herbs or other spices. In fact, small amounts of salt (1 teaspoon a day) won’t make you harm, but don’t forget that you eat a lot of it in the products you buy. Don’t go too far with it.

Depositphotos_93177276_s-2015Vegetables and fruits – the colourful ones. They provide valuable vitamins and should be included in every meal. Every! They are the basic element of nutrition. However, it doesn’t mean that you should turn veggie. All you have to do is to remember about them while planning your daily menu. Choose fruit instead of a chocolate bar.

Notice! It can hurt, but it’s only a matter of getting used to. You should have listened to mummy when she served broccoli.

Avoid fast food and choose slowly prepared food. Processed food is evil. Make your own decision when you cook at home. Go for baking, rather than frying.

Regularity. By eating more often and at the same times of the day, you can keep fit or even loose some weight. Regular meals accelerate the metabolism. It would be perfect to have 5 meals a day – every 3 hours.

Diversity. Provide yourself with fuel – grains, diary, vegetables, fruit and eggs. Break your rules and don’t limit yourself to a cheese sandwich in the morning or chicken breast for dinner. Some people even say that too much chicken makes you cluck. Seriously speaking, monotony doesn’t serve you!

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