6 fashion skills that every man should have

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6 fashion skills that every man should have

August 8, 2016 — by 0


There are situations in which every man should fend for himself. Changing a flat tyre, fixing a leaking tap, chopping wood, filleting fish or throwing a toast and a speech at a friend's wedding.


A modern gentleman should have both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills. He should be a warrior, a diplomat, a lumberjack and a scholar – all in one. Due to this, he can always feel confident and will be able to face various problems. Especially those associated with clothes, fashion and a good look…


1. Tie a tie

Despite the fact that we live in times where owners of the biggest companies in the world come to work in a T-shirt, there are many occasions which require wearing a tie, such as funerals, weddings or job interviews. Remember! A man should know how to tie a tie and it’s surely one of the basic skills of every gent. It would be weird if a 30-year-old needed his mummy to do that…

2. Polish shoes

Polished shoes complement the outfit and are really the ‘final touch’. To show class, shoes should shine so bad that you can see your reflection in them. Beside the features of a perfect look – cleaning and polishing are ritual and satisfying activities. When you use the brush and feel the flowing shoe polish – you can nearly reach a state of meditation. It’s a man’s thing!

3. Sew on a button

What do you do when you are in a hurry to work and suddenly a button falls off? You don’t panic, obviously, you take your shirt off and sew it on. Don’t let yourself be manipulated in the claim that it’s a women’s job because it will turn out that you’re helpless. Be the hero in your wardrobe 😉

4. Buy a suit

Like a phone
Such a purchase doesn’t happen very often. If you’re not a clerk, a bank official, a CEO or if you have a dress code at work – it’s most likely that you will buy a suit only a few times in the lifetime. Therefore, put some effort in it and choose a good one. Focus on the classic cut and details, you will make an investment for the future and you will be able to give advice to your pals.

5. Iron a shirt

An ironed shirt says much about you. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, the situation in which you will have to do the ironing will come. There’s no mummy, wife or even a mistress, so grab the iron and do the work. It’s simple and takes only a couple of minutes. If you don’t know how to get down to it, you will find the answers in the following post – HOW TO IRON A SHIRT?

6. Dress up properly

A man should know how to hit a bull’s eye! Even if terms like ‘semi-formal’ or ‘business casual’ mean mambo jumbo to him – it’s only a matter of skill to match an outfit to the occasion without hesitation. If you got invited to a dress code party – dress up properly and feel that you are in the right place. Therefore, spend a moment on thinking your styling over and you won’t fail. Read fashion guides on and everything is going to be all right.

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