Footwear guide for the minimalists!

February 9, 2017 — by 0



Footwear guide for the minimalists!

February 9, 2017 — by 0


Let's be honest. Unlike women, for most men going out to a shopping mall is not something impatiently awaited nor an important social event...

When a man needs shoes, he just goes to a shop and chooses a favourite pair, buys it and leaves the shop. For a man, it is doing a certain task. He’s not excited about going through the shop’s shelves with lots of colourful bags of recently bought clothes. The most enjoyable thing is to visit his favourite online store. Flawless, fast and pleasant.

However, there are also extreme minimalists who prefer to spend their cash for car parts, tools or a hobby. Their wardrobe is strictly limited to absolute must-haves. For such people, shopping is a real pain in the neck and they are getting sick even when they think about trying on and choosing clothes.

Have you got the same? Luckily, you came across this article. Regardless, if you are a minimalist because you love simplicity, from philosophical, economic or for other reasons, this article will get you familiar with three pairs of shoes that should always be in your wardrobe. Not much, but they fit most occasions! Of course, we omit specialistic shoes e.g. biking or working out.

DSC06370Three pairs of shoes for every minimalist!

  • Sneakers/plimsolls.

The absolute basic if it comes to everyday footwear – versatile and comfortable. They fit perfectly to modern fashion trends and therefore, provide you with impressive look and laid-back style. The amazing complement of every streetwear and casual styling. In summer – classic textile plimsolls fit shorts and slim-fit jeans, and in autumn/winter season – the most trendy sneakers can be worn both in sporty and streetwear outfits. You can read more about sneakers HERE.

  • Brown leather high-upper shoes.

Leather shoes are durable and firm. If you care about them, they will last long and you won’t need to do shopping again. Sounds nice, huh? At the same time, leather shoes are versatile and multifunctional. During colder days, you can team them up with almost everything. They fit chino trousers and jeans. A shirt, a jumper and a sporty blazer. A coat or leather jacket. Such shoes can complement every styling. They fit into many occasions and work well within both casual and semi-formal outfits.

  • Black oxfords.

Classic and versatile. Slip-on or with a lacing. They are must-haves among highly formal stylings. This model fits amazingly to business meetings which require a suit and other important family gatherings. For a ball and “Four Weddings and a Funeral”. Always there, where a classy and elegant look is the priority or dress code rules are in force.

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