5 tips how to lose the tummy!

April 14, 2016 — by 0



5 tips how to lose the tummy!

April 14, 2016 — by 0


Summer is at hand and you are still carrying the Rolling Stones' drum hidden under your clothes, aren't you? Or maybe your slightly protruding beer belly is not a problem for you because your girlfriend likes hugging it?

Chill out. Let’s not go bananas! However, if you wish to lose some balast before summer to improve your mood, read and use the below tips!

5 tips how to lose the tummy!

  1. Discipline not only at the gym but in the kitchen as well.

Regardless of how many calories will you burn and how shaped your body will become, if you come back from cycling, tennis or the gym and then go for a Big Mac or a pizza, well… don’t expect results. Reducing the tummy should start from a proper diet. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be slashing. Just eat healthily!

  • Healthy green smoothie in jar.When you get up, drink a glass of water with lemon. It will energise your digestive system.
  • Start your day with a nutritious breakfast. A protein milk cocktail with yoghurt, fruit and vegetables (spinach, kale) will give you a lot of energy and will satisfy your appetite. Greens will boost up your metabolism. Don’t forget about preparing porridge from time to time.
  • Carbohydrates. You should eat them 2 hours before the workout. Make use of them and they will add you energy to work hard. You can compensate carbohydrates half an hour after the workout, regardless of the time of the day (e.g. a banana). Two slices of bread is max that you are allowed to eat a day. Rice, potatoes and pasta should be eaten rather before 1 PM. Later, choose protein meals and snacks. Fish, lean meat, nuts, eggs, beans, peas and tofu should function in your diet regularly.
  • Be systematic – provide your stomach with 5 meals a day, but in smaller portions. It will give you enough energy and protect you from storing up fat.
  • The good news is that you can eat lean meat, chicken or turkey breast and fish. However, it’s better to bake or steam cook rather than fry them. It will allow you to ingest more proteins and less calories.
  • Use spices like cayenne pepper and herbs, limit salt.
  • Every meal should consist of vegetables. Their nutrients and vitamins speed up the fat metabolism.
  • Let’s straight something out. Fats are indispensable in life! Focus on the unsaturated ones. Therefore, cottage cheese, nuts, olive oil, sardines are ok. Don’t eat them in excess.
  • You don’t have to resign from alcohol completely, but if you like to have a beer or two at the weekend – try to replace it with a drink made from fruit or vegetable juice. On this blog, you will find a lot of inspirations to prepare such cocktails – check MEN’S DRINK.
  • Drink water and juice, but put some effort in squeezing it yourself, due to this you will avoid sugar. If you can’t give up coffee, stop adding sugar and milk to it. Remember also that each short black coffee or tea should be balanced with a glass of water!

2. Don’t be in thrall to a routine.young athletic legs with sharp scarf muscles of runner sport man climbing up city stairs jogging and running in urban training workout

OK. You spent money on a personal coach, you go to the gym, you are hard-working and diligent. So, what next? After first improvements and the ‘WOW’ effect, you start noticing that your body doesn’t have to change more. What’s going on? Most probably your muscles underwent routine! They got perfectly used to their tasks. You won’t get any farther if you don’t introduce changes and put even more effort in exercises.

Modify, reach next milestones and consider going back to the advice of a specialist. Remember about your goals! Losing your tummy is possible! Ride a bike, turn some good music on and go for an evening jog. Join your girlfriend from time to time and do some exercises in front of a TV programme with Ewa Chodakowska on. Try different forms of activity.

3. Choose your preferable training.

Activity and sport in fighting with fat and for a healthy body are essential! Some people prefer cardio exercises, while others go for strength. The thing is to find a golden mean. Combine aerobic exercises with those, which make you feel stronger. Such a mix is the best way to reduce the tummy.

Quote. Work hard dream big4. Get enough sleep and avoid stress.

Be a man, but sleep like a baby. The proper amount of sleep is necessary for the proper functioning of your system and also affects the feeling of fullness. If you suffer from insomnia or if you sleep very little to do other stuff, it means that you are running low on leptin. It is responsible for regulating the appetite. Hence, be careful in such situations!

Research has proven that fat gathers more intensively when a person lives under pressure. Advice? SLOW DOWN BUDDY!! And if you encounter sleep trouble – you have to read THIS ARTICLE.

5. Don’t throw yourself in at the deep end. Even if you can swim, the water can turn out to be a mirage!

Don’t think that extreme diets, drinking odd mixtures or pills will allow you to quickly replace your belly with a six-pack that you can show off on the beach. Focus on your motivation! Set goals, pursue them step by step and don’t give up.

Good luck!



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