The ideal guy in the woman’s eyes

May 10, 2016 — by 0



The ideal guy in the woman’s eyes

May 10, 2016 — by 0


Of course, such a man doesn't exist! Women know it, however they are still looking for him. Although it's impossible, scientists tried to search the formula to understand women…

By doing that, they could describe the image of a perfect guy. Check yourself if you’re at least close to it 😉


Don’t believe women that only your inside counts. Your appearance is as important and strongly influences the first impression. Of course, every girl likes a different type of a man, but apparently the most attractive is a tall, fit man with light stubble and snow-white teeth of a Disney prince. The styling is also very important. A neat and elegant look should be your first choice. Even if you aren’t perfect, don’t forget that a perfect guy is a prim one!

Stylish man in the white T-shirt, leather jacket and jeans standing near a column in modern architectural environment.CHIVALROUS MAN

Women are independent and individualistic beings. However, it’s a well-known fact that chivalrous men attract them. You don’t have to go back in time and kiss ladies’ hand. It’s enough to act as a well-mannered person. Open the door for her (it’s an old, but still nice trick) or drop by spontaneously with flowers – she will appreciate it 100%.


The most important one. Girls do believe that this is the most important value of a perfect man! It’s connected with trust and sincerity.


Stay cool no matter what! Don’t be stiff because a perfect guy isn’t like that. You need to be able to break the ice, make jokes and sometimes laugh at yourself. In short – start learning jokes and prepare yourself to make people laugh someday.


Well, the inside counts. The inside of Mercedes or BMW too. Fine feathers make fine birds. Maybe, that’s why some women feel safe having all of that. Girls don’t like miser guys. Spontaneous gifts, weekend outings, surprises… simply speaking, they like to be spoiled. However, it’s not only about material generosity but also about feelings. Sensitive gestures, declaration of love and all this stuff – a perfect guy should do that.


Women feel confident when they’ve a tough guy that knows his values and control the situation when it’s necessary. He should be ambitious, brave and push his limits all the time. He should care about his beloved one and support her. At this point, it should be emphasised that ‘strong men’s decisions’ isn’t only a slogan. It’s some kind of a currency of a perfect man!

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