9 things you have to do before a date!

May 16, 2016 — by 0



9 things you have to do before a date!

May 16, 2016 — by 0


Do you want to win her heart? Make a good impression!

The features of personality are one thing, but you know, your appearance does matter a lot. If you don’t know that, go to the entry The ideal guy in the woman’s eyes. Babes have a body scanner in their eyes and nothing can slip away their attention. You should check all the points listed below for the girl and for yourself to feel comfortable on a date.

Besides taking a good humour with you and putting on neat and stylish clothes, you should focus for a while on the fundamentals. Today we’re writing about body care – what you need to do before a date.


Man Behind Wet Glass1 TAKE A SHOWER

Yes! It is obligatory and some guys forget about it! It will make you relaxed and feel clean, fresh and confident. Girls have as a good nose as hunting dogs. A nice body and hair smell is the most basic thing. Don’t forget to use a shampoo! There’s nothing worse than not fresh hair.


UClothes are your second skin, but the first one also needs your attention. Use high-quality comsetics, body lotions and creams. This is truly the minimum equipment of a men’s cosmetic case which you can see in this article.


Even if you had had a haircut recently, you shouldn’t change it very much. You never know what such an experiment is going to result in. The person who you are meeting with can also be surprised by your radical metamorphosis… Remember about refreshing your haircut, especially at the neck and neckline areas. Thanks to that you will surely improve your look.


aboutRegardless whether you wear a stubble or a lumberjack beard, you have to refresh it before a date. Troublesome and sticking out hair make a negative impression. Make sure that everything is in place and control your styling.



When you took care of the haircut and facial hair, don’t forget about shaving the hair in the nose and ears, as well as trimming the superciliary ridge. Do that and you won’t look like pissed off Gandalf! Especially if you’re one of those people who have lush hair. The randomly sticking out hair is absolutely anti-sexy in the women’s eyes. Get rid of them.


Hands are like your business card. When you give it out, you make sure it’s nice and clean. You shake hands, eat with them, etc. That’s why they are so noticeable. You have to keep them neat! A little bit of manicure is nothing bad. However, if you don’t see yourself lying down on the couch at the beautician’s, you have to do it yourself and not only before a date but always. Make sure your nails are cut short and evenly. Well, you need to make friends with a nail file. Moreover, don’t hesitate to use a lot of hand cream. Soft and smooth hands make a far better impression than rough and dry hands. But let’s be honest, it’s obvious.


Take its properties into account. The key to success isn’t using an antiperspirant just before you leave but earlier. Use it on clean skin for the night and you will get the desired effect. Th sweat won’t be a problem for you!


Go for it and use all available tools to have a fresh breath! Clean your teeth with a dental floss (the remaining pieces of food can stay between your teeth and cause a bad smell). Then, brush your teeth, gargle with mouthwash. An extra mint or a mint spray are also a good idea.


Don’t use them right before going out! Your scent should be unobtrusive and attracting, not strong and cheesy. Even the best perfume can smell bad when used excessively. Avoid doing that. Spray yourself an hour before going out. It’s the time to enhance the scent with your skin and chemistry… If you want to ‘create your smell’, start a day before. The same bath soap, body lotion and aftershave will give you an extraordinary scent.

This is it if we’re talking about preparing yourself before going on a date. Feel free to use these tips every day. If you happen to have time for visiting the gym before the date, go there. Activate your muscles and improve your look. You will provide yourself energy and a huge dose of endorphine that influences your mood. It’s a great advantage to have before the date. If you want to know how to look good on the first date, read the following article: First date! How to make a good impression?


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