Good shape before holidays!

May 5, 2016 — by 0



Good shape before holidays!

May 5, 2016 — by 0


Holidays around the corner and you still haven't motivated yourself to build up the form after winter?

It’s about time to get fit. If you now start doing the job, you will still have a chance to work on your silhouette before summer and take pleasure from the effects. Pick up the gauntlet buddy and get to work 100% Goal? Loose some fat, build up your stamina and improve your look.


Do your best on focusing on the diet. Without that don’t even bother asking for a gym membership. Some time ago we published the article HEALTHY FOOD! Go back to this lecture and start turning the simple nutrition tips into practise. You are sure to feel the difference within a month. I’m talking about the advantages obviously. Combine a diet together with a workout and you’re ready for an instagram selfie photo session 😉


Weaving a nest on the couch isn’t a good idea. Now you have to catch up to get rid of the excessive belly and forget about the shortness of breath catching you on your way to the bus stop. In order to achieve all desired goals in a short time, you have to train your entire body, not only the selected parties.


Do three workouts per week. Short but intensive to the maximum. It’s best to train every second day. After a series, make a two-day break to regenerate your body.

Bet on complex strenght and aerobic exercises. They will massively stimulate your muscle fibers and increase the anabolic hormones boost. Strength exercises, when done in intervals, can be a real bomb. They not only speed up the metabolism but also provide longer fat-burning after the workout. Moreover, if you end up the workout with an aerobic session, e.g. a series of sprints and jogging, then be sure that you’ll catch good shape.

So, there is your plan. Don’t waste your time and don’t come up with further excuses. Make a shopping list, join the gym, dress up comfortably and go do some exercises.

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