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Joggers – guide.

March 30, 2017 — by Blog Bolf.eu0


Joggers are the dominant and powerful trend among the urban jungle! They are usually made from soft denim or cotton. Thanks to such a fabric, they’re light and comfortable. Moreover, thanks to their unique design, they fit outstandingly to the most influential trend – a streetwear one.


How to wear longline oversize hoodies?

March 15, 2017 — by Blog Bolf.eu0


Surely, they’re unusually long and oversize and became the most trendy design of this season. Comfortable when you go out with friends, cosy to wear at home and eye-catching in the urban jungle. Wear them and create a unique look! However, only under some circumstances like matching them to specific clothes and fitting to a certain body type.


How to pack for a business trip?

February 24, 2017 — by Blog Bolf.eu0


The most important features of a business trip's suitcase is its small size, where still, all necessary clothes need to be packed providing the appropriate level of protection as clothes after reaching the destination look neither creased nor damaged.


Washing clothes. Tricks you had no idea about!

February 22, 2017 — by Blog Bolf.eu0


If you choose your clothes carefully and have a broader concept, it means that you like them and want them to stay the same as when purchased – you need to know how vital a proper washing can be! You never know what awaits you in the future, so don't count on your girlfriend or mother and learn some basics!


How to buy jeans online?

February 20, 2017 — by Blog Bolf.eu0


Today, we have got the enitre world in our smartphones. Everything accessible at your fingertips or actually on one tap of a finger. We don't need to go to the bank, library or buy DVDs to watch a good movie at home. It's quite natural and it's no surprise that we buy almost everything online, even clothes.


Take care of your hands

February 15, 2017 — by Blog Bolf.eu0


Keeping your hands neat is essential, they are something like your business card. The majority of people pay attention to the hands of another person. This applies both to a business meeting and men-women relations.